Moscow, Kazan, Samara and Back Again


A couple of weeks ago I joined Juno 17 on tour in Russia. Apart from snapping shots during gigs, I got to take in Kazan, Samara and Moscow in their summer glory. To be fair we saw more of the latter two than Kazan, and naturally a week is way too short to take it all in, especially covering such great distances. Nevertheless the great hospitality, fascinating cities and landscapes have me looking for the next opportunity to go back. 

Arriving at Kazan Airport
We need 2 taxis for all our stuff


Old and new buildings in Samara
St. George the Victorious, Samara
Monument Slavy

A local friend of the band Igor treated us to the finest Russian hospitality with traditional food and a top notch bottle of vodka of course – from the former USSR.

USSR vodka
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the ugliest apartment building on Earth
Typical sidewalks in Samara


Walls of the Kremlin
St. Basil’s Cathedral
Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building
Moscow Manege
Moscow Metro
Balloon Transporter
That’s right, chandeliers in the subway
Moscow Skyline
Me and the boys in the band