Interesting Photography Techniques and Projects

Berlin in Black and White: Cinestill BwXX Film

Ever since I read about someone losing a year’s worth of film in an x-ray scanner, I’ve always been nervous about rolls of film being obliterated at airport security. So, when I travel I tend to take a digital camera with me, and I for the most part I shoot, post and print in colour. […]
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analog film strip

For the Love of Analog: Film Photography

Since I like applying old stock photo presets to my digital images, it seemed like a natural step to go back to "the basics" and try taking pictures with 35mm film - Kodak Gold 100 surprisingly still regularly stocked at the local drug store. 

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Memory Tracks

EyeEm had a very cool mission I couldn't resist: Photographic Memory. I figured something like food would be a bit too obvious so I concentrated on music and decided to get started on vinyl. 

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