Memory Tracks


EyeEm had a very cool mission I couldn’t resist: Photographic Memory. I figured something like food would be a bit too obvious so I concentrated on music and decided to get started on vinyl. Fortunately vinyl is making a comeback so I could get some more recent albums in addition to the “classics”. Buying records seems silly (especially if you have a Spotify premium account, like I do), but I’ve found I enjoy the ritual and owning the album artwork. Usually you get a digital download in addition as well. However I digress, here is the mission: 

Anything and everything can trigger a memory. Whether it’s a beloved teddy bear, a scuffed old cabinet belonging to a family member or a favorite meal – what images make you have a fond memory? Be sure to include what your photo reminds you of to get featured!

Here is the text to my entry:

I love music, when I find a song I like I listen to it over and over again, and as a result certain songs are etched into my memory along with a particular time and place. Sometimes it feels like running into a wall, when a memorable track comes on unexpectedly – especially when I haven’t heard it in a long time. On rare occasions I will put on some music and take a trip down memory lane myself, though having lived overseas for over 8 years now, I feel more melancholy and homesick than anything else. As a Canadian from Ontario the song “Helpless” written by Neil Young really tugs at my heartstrings. “Down in the Valley” by the Head and the Heart falls into a similar category – though it doesn’t have to be a slow acoustic song to take me back and far away.

I expanded the original idea to a series, included below and in higher quality on Flickr:

50mm equivalent prime lens for the shallow depth of field

My collection is growing fast