Abstract Landscape Photography with Canola Fields


Tire track pattern in canola field

Adam Vradenburg in Iceland

Hi, I’m Adam

I’m a drone pilot and photographer living in Berlin. I’m available for hire, some of my images are also available for licensing or as prints. Let’s make stunning visuals together.

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As someone who does most of his photography outdoors – not to mention while traveling – the last few months have been a little quiet, to say the least. Nevertheless, limitations can be creatively liberating. While my photographic interests have either been hyperlocal (Berlin) or in the continental middle distance (Europe and nearby countries), a lab accident or strange meal choices have taken those options off the table, so to speak. Like most people, if you want to scratch your creative itch, you have to take advantage of what’s available. 

For Berliners getting out of the city means visiting the great state of Brandenburg, which completely surrounds our bankrupt capital city state. Brandenburg has beautiful castles and old towns, in addition to the common advantages of rural Germany. The landscape is rather flat, but dotted with a lot of lakes, rivers, forests, fields, and the like. Spending more time in the countryside made me realize and appreciate both the natural and cultivated beauty just outside our “doorstep”. 

While the landscape at times is not very remarkable, however there are times when the landscape explodes with colour. One such time is late April, when gorgeous yellow rapeseed is full bloom. While the yellow flowers can make otherwise dull scenes interesting, I find that canola fields lend themselves to abstract landscape photography. It took me a couple of attempts to be honest, if the certain visual components are separated too much, then a canola field quickly looks like a yellow carpet. Adding the greens of surrounding fields I find adds a nice complementary colour and sense of balance. 

Yellow Canola Field

Road next to a large canola field

Rapeseed Flowers

Abstract landscape view of rapeseed flowers