Light and Shadow in Toronto


Toronto Skyline in Silhouette at Sunrise Toronto has been a frequent stopover on transatlantic journeys home. For me personally it has become more than a way station on my somewhere else, but a first stop I build into trips as often as possible – even if there are perhaps more direct routes to where I am going. Friends and family have coalesced there over the years and it is a fantastic location for photography, so I get a nice twofer every time I go through the Big Smoke.

I have had the good fortune to be put up in hotels with some sweeping vistas, but the view from my cousins apartment in downtown Toronto is tough to beat. I felt somewhat spoiled staying with family and having access to the Toronto skyline at all times of day, it is close to the downtown core. We hardly have any skyscrapers in Berlin so I was keen to capture the play of light and shadow in a bustling, vertical city. Winters in Berlin are also pretty gray and wet, so the heavy snowfall in Toronto was a very welcome change as well. 

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