Lost in Amsterdam


The ‘Lost in Amsterdam’ title image is somewhat fitting, as I often got a bit turned around in a light, slightly-panicked jog, trying to catch what colour the faint sunlight could provide. I needn’t have worried, it’s not as if Amsterdam shuts up shop and goes dark in the evening. Especially after taking a look at Berlin and its city lights at night I was keen to take advantage of the evenings. In all fairness, Amsterdam has more and somewhat cooler neon signs – but it helps if you have fiercely competing coffeeshops.

Koningsplein, Amsterdam

It was overcast for 5 days straight, so when finally at sunset some variation actually appeared in the sky I got to higher ground as quick as I could, this view from the Blue Amsterdam Cafe provided some solstice in an otherwise bleak week in the Dutch capital.

View from Blue Amsterdam

I try to provide locations so people can check things out for themselves and take their own pictures – and as a matter of principle because I hate it when other people don’t divulge that information. However you’ll notice some captions are missing, but as I said I often only had a vague idea of where I was, sincerest apologies.

Munttoren from the Halvenmaansbrug