Gold Coast & Byron Bay, Australia


Gold Coast Skyline

Gold Coast was meant to be the vacation part of our Australia trip. Three weeks of driving, flying, boating, snorkeling, hiking, stand up paddling and generally not staying in one place for more than 30 minutes is fun – but tiring. Fortunately we had the foresight that we would need some rest and relaxation at the tail end of the trip, and made the wise decision to spend a week in Gold Coast before flying home. I had planned on leaving my gear in the bag in order to focus on recharging my bodily batteries, but there is so much worth capturing I had trouble putting the camera (or drone) down.

Massive Waves on Gold Coast

Drone Shot of beach at Gold Coast

Broadbeach, Gold Coast

Gold Coast Beach Waves

View of Gold Coast from Inside Wave

View of Gold Coast from Inside Wave 2

Byron Bay

Byron Bay Lighthouse Aerial View

Byron Bay Cliffs

Byron Bay Lighthouse and Beach