Hesten and Segla: A Ridge Too Far

Hesten Ridge Senja Island
View towards Hesten

Hiking up Hesten for a View of Segla

Segla otherwise known as the Sail of Senja Island is a very identifiable mountain on the northern part of Senja Island. To get a good view of the iconic mountain top it is perhaps a better (and easier) option to hike up towards Hesten. Do not confuse another Hesten peak with the one near Segla, to get there start in Fjordgård and follow the trail just behind Segla. While Segla is a popular destination in the summertime. I was there in April and the hike left me often times waist-deep in snow, in retrospect I would not recommend undertaking this hike without the proper gear and knowledge. I had walking poles but no snow shoes and I arrived at the top thoroughly soaked and tired. In the end I did not spend nearly as much time as I usually do taking in the view. However I did manage to force my frozen fingers to take a few impressions with my drone. I parked at a maintenance shed across from a row of houses right underneath Segla. Fjordgård is rather sleepy town so parking, at least in the Spring, was not an issue. It’s a pretty direct hike up however there are plenty of rocks an uneven ground, made a little more treacherous by wet snow.


Mefjorden Winter
View of Senjahopen across the Mefjorden from the ridge between Hesten and Segla
The Sail of Senja Island, Segla
The Sail of Senja Island, Segla
Reindeer on Senja Island
Spotted some reindeer on the drive to Senja to boot

Next to Senja the Lofoten Islands has a number of great peaks reached by reasonable hikes, such as Mannen and Hoven.