London Highs and Lows


I had a hefty cold the entire time I was in London, so most of my shots are during the day. Nevertheless London has some beautiful spots apart from the main tourist attractions and I’m happy I soldiered on. I highly recommend these photo spots:

  1. Tate Modern (Observation Deck)
  2. Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges
  3. Borough Market
  4. Brick Lane & Spitalfields Market
  5. Take busses instead of the tube

Tate Modern Observation Deck

In addition to being an awesome (free) museum the Tate Modern also offers a viewing platform with great views of the city, at no extra expense. In comparison The Shard will dock you £25.95 for adults with no discount. The other advantage of the Tate is you also get to see The Shard.

Fujiko Nakaya’s London Fog at the Tate Modern

Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges

The Hungerford Bridge is a railway bridge from the 19th century flanked on both sides by the Golden Jubliee Bridges – modern pedestrian bridges – on either side.

Borough Market

Nestled underneath railway viaducts in Southwark, Central London, Borough Market offers fresh produce, street food and other high quality foodstuffs and beverages. Whatever your hankering chances are you’ll find it here. The unqiue location and market atmosphere offers lots of motifs, as such it is popular with tourists and locals alike so you will see lots of other camera carriers apart from yourself.

Brick Lane

Take a bus instead of the tube

The London Underground system is often the best way to get where you need to go in a hurry. However, I find grabbing a front seat on a double decker bus a lot more fun and relaxing. Sometimes it also seems a tad faster – often actually getting down to a tube stop feels more like descending slowly to the center of the Earth. There are tons of routes and even if you are travelling a longer distance, chances are there is a bus heading in that direction.