It’s Always Sunny in San Francisco


It’s been a busy last few weeks: I was in Canada a couple weeks ago and after that took part in a music video shoot in Berlin. I crossed the Atlantic again last Monday for a work trip to San Francisco, which offered another great opportunity to take pictures. However, the challenge with visiting such a popular city and sightseeing in general, is always to try and get a photo that is somehow different.

To wit, the Golden Gate Bridge is said to be the most photographed bridge in the world. I walked from Baker Beach on the Pacific past the bridge into the bay area looking for an interesting angle. Someone had, presumably for the sake of photography, vandalized (only slightly) a chain link fence to allow for a clear view of the bridge. I used the fence in the picture and was myself happy with the result (above), and even more happy that the image was featured on the EyeEm Blog, in their weekly highlights.

I arrived sometime in the afternoon and unable to sleep on planes went straight to bed. I was up very early, which is rare for me, and went to an all-night greasy spoon to get the unhealthy breakfast I love that you don’t usually find in Europe – I was one of two patrons at the Pinecrest Diner.

Pinecrest Diner at 5 AM

Since the sun rises very early I had to wolf down my eggs, sausage and hash browns and headed to Baker Beach to get a view of the bridge during sunrise.

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

Walking up towards the bridge: a view from one of the old batteries.

Continuing down Crissy Field to the Beach at Presidio, Alcatraz Island was visible in silhouette. Alcatraz Prison, also known as: The Rock; The Slammer; The Hoosegow; The Big House; The Clink… I love this Colbert clip.

Alcatraz from the Beach at Presidio

On Thursday we had a team event on a catamaran and toured around the bay, it was rocky, fun and sunny, as always.

Catamaran out on the Bay San Francisco view from the Bay Chilling on the catamaran

On the weekend we enjoyed the sun and toured around some more going to the various high points to get nice views of the city, like Coit Tower and the Twin Peaks.

Great Italian coffee at Caffé Trieste off Columbus Avenue Teddy bear in a classic car at Fort Baker San Francisco through a window at Coit Tower Skyline of downtown San Francisco at sunset from Twin Peaks Downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks at night