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Inspiring Photography Locations

Location is key to photography, however it’s also important to be in the right at the right time. Find out the details I’ve collected surrounding some inspiring, well-known and less well-known photography locations.

Water Bussing it in Venice

See Venice and die, the saying goes. Yes, see Venice and die of old age waiting for your flight at the Marco Polo Airport is the origin of the phrase, I believe. The phrase is actually "See Naples and die", and the frustration of going through the Venice airport is a hefty but comparatively small price to pay for such a beautiful city.

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It's Always Sunny in San Francisco

The sun was shining for a week straight in San Francisco, which is nice for getting a tan but a bit monotonous in taking photos. The famous fog, called Karl, also didn't make an appearance unfortunately. But with the jet lag I was usually up early - rare for me - and was able to get some nice pictures at sunrise. 

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