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Interesting Photography Techniques and Projects

From double to long exposures and analog photography, there are a lot of interesting techniques which can help you expand your creative output.

Berlin Double Exposure


After spending a great deal of 2017 outdoors in northerly countries like Iceland, Russia, Canada and Scotland, I was able to turn my photographic attention to my home city Berlin. Switching from the outdoor to the urban landscape was a bit of a challenge - I didn't want to do your standard city portraiture. I started experimenting with the double exposure feature of my Fuji X-Pro2, which allows you to combine two exposures into a single image. It's a tad experimental but by severely underexposing one of the images allows for compositions that aren't too busy. I like the result, and it is always unique, if not anything else. This new approach lead to being a part of their "Liebling der Woche" campaign for the local transport authority BVG on Instagram

By far the most popular photo posted on the BVG account

By far the most popular photo posted on the BVG account

FXP20020_bvg_final Kopie.jpg