Highlands of Iceland


Before heading to the South Coast of Iceland, we spent a few days in the Highlands. There are plenty of highlights in the south but the Highlands were so spectacular, we wanted to stay longer.


Hiking in Landmannalaugar is like being on another planet. En route to the popular hiking destination there were also a number of highlights (and waterfalls, naturally).

Hiking up Brennisteinsalda
The Jökulgilskvisl river in full view 


We stayed at the Highland Center Hrauneyjar, it was our base in the Highlands and where we caught the bus to get to Landmannalaugar – our little Peugeot 108 wouldn’t have made it. On the drive between the Highland Center and Reykjavik or Selfoss there are plenty of great spots, one example is Sigöldufoss.

Pure turquoise of the Sigöldufoss, no color editing needed

Gjáin Valley and Hjálparfoss

The Gjáin valley is like many other attractions in Iceland, things look quite barren and uninteresting and as seemingly out of nowhere a spectacular canyon or valley appears.

Gjáin aka The Land of Milk and Honey
Downstream from the Gjáin Valley, the beautiful Hjálparfoss

The Highlands were one of our first stops in Iceland, it seemed as if the bar was set very high for the rest of the trip, however our next stop touring around the South Coast of Iceland was very different and offered a great contrast to the Highlands. If (when) we go back however I think the Highlands are worth a second, long, good look.

Happy camper