Sigöldufoss Waterfall, Iceland



Sigöldufoss Waterfall

Before heading to the South Coast of Iceland, we spent a few days in the Highlands. There are plenty of highlights in the south but the Highlands were so spectacular, we wanted to stay longer. On the way to Landmannalaugar there are a few highlights, in particular Sigöldufoss is more than worth a stop along your way.


We stayed at the Highland Center Hrauneyjar, it was our base in the Highlands and where we caught the bus to get to Landmannalaugar – our little Peugeot 108 wouldn’t have made it. However due to a power plant right next to it, the Sigöldufoss is easily accessible by car. Said power plant was built to harness the power of the glacial river Tungná. The mud, ash, small rocks and other substances that normally would have been part of the waterfall were channeled into a tunnel of the power plant. What is left over is clean spring water with a spectacular colour.

Bridge across the river Þjórsá on route 32 heading towards the Highland Center
Pure turquoise of the Sigöldufoss, no color editing needed

The spectacular Sigöldugljufur waterfalls, but we didn’t make it that far due to the bad weather – one way or another it’s good to have a reason to go back.