Abandoned Berlin: BVG Stadium, Siemensbahn & Königin-Elisabeth-Hospital


Berlin offers a lot of photo opportunities, especially off the beaten path – there is a wealth of old abandoned buildings, although real estate is becoming scarce and the condemned buildings, amusement parks and the like are slowly but surely being cordoned off and torn down. All the more reason to go see them before they’re gone.

I used the site Abandoned Berlin which has a handy map and even difficulty ratings for the different locations. Unfortunately these ratings aren’t updated all that often, and a cherry I picked a 1 out of 10 – so daring, so adventurous, I know. However the entrance to the BVG stadium and pool has become slightly more difficult: The pool is completely fenced in and the portions where people have cut in with wire cutters are regularly repaired. More like a 3 out of 10, jeez. I risked life and limb to get some unimpeded shots of the pool, growing a small forrest in the middle (pictured above) and filled with what looks like sewage water (below) – hop in and cool off!  

Crystal clear water in the BVG Freibad

Another cherry on the list was the Königin-Elisabeth-Hospital, an abandoned children’s hospital. This location really is a 1, and you could tell from all the other visitors. Nestled amongst some newer dwellings the visitors seem to be tolerated. It was also reassuring seeing other people, well somewhat, who hangs around abandoned buildings? It’s broad daylight and my girlfriend can protect me, let’s do this. 

We brought an analog camera as well
Old patient room in the Königin-Elisabeth-Hospital
Abandoned warehouse near the Königin-Elisabeth-Hospital
Check me out, pretending not to be afraid for my life
The abandoned Königin-Elisabeth-Hospital

The last stop on our little journey is appropriately an abandoned train station, which is actually still in the city center. It was rated a 3 out of 10 and commented as “damn easy”. Excused me, I climbed a rusty bed spring at the only entry point – a broken window. If that’s a 3 what’s a 10? Fort Knox? Anyways the weather was turning so I didn’t get as many shots as I wanted to, the tracks also extend for a number of stations so I’m looking forward to going back with more time and better light – hopefully the bed spring is still there.  

Abandoned train line: The Siemensbahn
My train’s a comin’, I swear!