Juno 17 in Russia


I already posted the companion piece to this article with snaps of Kazan, Samara and Moscow. You might have gotten the impression that we did a lot of sightseeing. In actual fact, the majority of the time was spent traveling and having a few drinks or at gig locations while having a few drinks. I happily present Juno 17 on tour in Russia.

We caught separate flights from Berlin and Moscow and caught the same connection to Kazan. Some of us were already in need of some sleepy time.

“Hey Josch, you sleeping? Check out this in-flight magazine in Russian.”
Arriving in Kazan

More sleepy time. Your socks match the drapes and bed sheets.
The kitchen wallpaper now sweeping the nation

Pit stop, somewhere between Kazan and Samara


Juno 17 Moscow Train Station
Super fresh after a 12 hour train ride
Juno 17 Moscow Metro
Moscow metro, energy returning


Smile for the camera Joschi
Why so serious?
The whole gang in one photo on the last night I was there