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Behind the Scenes: Music Video Shoot for "Echo und Licht" by Juno 17


The lead singer of the band Juno 17 asked me to accompany them on a video shoot for their song "Echo und Licht" and take some behind the scenes pictures. Take photos during a music video shoot in an abandoned factory in Berlin? Don't mind if I do. 

Update: The video is finished! 

The location was the Kabelwerk Oberspree on the river in Berlin, it is a building with a lot of character, it hasn't been use for something like 15 years and it hits the balance between derelict chic and non-life-threatening. 

Trailor and set while waiting for dark

We met in the evening and I started taking in the surroundings while we waited for dark to start shooting. With the strong lighting installation the building put on some great shadow play. 

One take seen from the rafters

Due to the low light conditions I bought a monopod for the shoot to be a bit more stable but still mobile to get different perspectives and get shots of each band member. I imagine playing the same song take after take must get a tad tiresome, but these boys were loving it and giving it their best in every take. 

Josua Mette on the bass

Lead singer Philipp Hofmann

Daniel Schild on drums and Philipp Stauzebach on guitar

The next day we used the location and sunlight to take some band photos. 

Band shot taken the next day

It was an absolute blast and the guys are fun and easy to get along with. The music sounds great too by the way. 

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