One Day in Dubvrovnik


Dubrovnik has become a popular tourist destination, in some cases a little too popular, but it’s easy to see why. Just getting there you are treated to some spectacular views.

Flying over Croatia Heading to Dubrvonik from the airport by bus Compared to leaving Berlin…

Our flight from Berlin left at 6:25 so we were up even earlier. Adam was not a happy camper but the excitement with a little caffeine kept us going.

Morning joe after an early flight

After breakfast we head up to the city walls that surround the Old Town to get our bearings. You could fill a small hard drive if you took a picture of everything photo-worthy.

Old Port of Dubrovnik

Onofrio's Fountain
Onofrio’s Fountain

Walls of Old Town Swimming just outside the walls

We could only watch other people swimming and having fun for so long before we had to join.

Me in the water, doing… something. Another popular tourist destination

All that within 24 hours. We were quite knackered, on day 2 we did the second most touristy thing and took the cable car for the panoramic view at sundown. It was packed in the car and from the viewpoint, everyone cajoling to get the best pic with their cell phone the will never look at again – I digress.

Tourists snapping great pics I’m sure they’ll look at again, I’m definitely not bitter The view from the cable car station

We went down a rocky trail to get a clear view of the sunset, well worth the walk.

Enjoying the view, Dubrvonik just below us Panoramic sunset over the Adriatic Sea Stradun in Old Town at night