Neverender: Coheed and Cambria in Cologne


Stagetime Neverender

A mark of a good band is an album with little or no filler. The mark of a great band is the ability to play that album front to back live and tear the roof down. To wit, Coheed and Cambria had previously played all 4 (!) of their albums at the time, 4 nights in a row. I wasn’t able to travel to their back-to-back shows way back when, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity in Germany to see them play their second album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 live and in its entirety.

The title image was one of a series I posted from the concert, the band isn’t visible but luckily it was picked up by their social media team and shared on their social profiles like Twitter and Facebook.

I flew to Cologne and only brought my digital camera, an Olympus XZ-2, so I could still rock out and reasonably drink beers.

Despite the low-light conditions the photos could be cleaned up with a little Nik magic. I was able to reduce the noise but for a number of photos left some in:

Coheed on Tour